I want to eat

May 20, 2011

Not becuase I’m hungry but because I am stressed!! On the agenda today:

1. Wake up 30minutes later than planned, skip workout.

2. Get to work an hour early to attempt to get some studying in.

3. Work a full 8 (should have taken the day off obviously)

4. Take Lifeguard certification test unprepared cause I suck and just started studying last night

5. Hopefully pass said test, come home do homework for summer school (which sucks btw) that I should have started Monday and have ignored until tonight.

6. Sleep – Hopefully, dont know if I will actually have time for this one.

All of this is making me just want to through my hands in the air, say forget it, who cares if I fail, and eat 20 cupcakes in the span of 2 minutes. Cause you know, gaining 5 more pounds and failing at life will make me feel so much better.