Dodger Game

July 2, 2011

Last night me and my a friend went to support the Dodgers


They were playing the Angels so we made the drive to Anaheim, not LA and I was having a little bit of stadium envy.



Cool giant hats at the entrance

I have always been a Dodgers fan but Dodgers stadium is such a pain to get to! Plus it is kinda ghetto and old compared to Angels stadium. When I contemplated my move to Angel Fan the Dodgers scored 4 runs within the first half of the game and I remember why I will always be a Dodger fan Smile


The game ended with a Dodger win 5-0 and then fireworks!



Goodbye Idaho

July 1, 2011

I am currently enroute to California and yes I made all of my shit fit in my tiny suitcase.


Goodbye Idaho well technically Spokane since that is where I take off from.


So pretty this time of year

Now, I’m sitting at SEATAC eating dinner. In my attempt to eat healthy I got a delicious salad from Qdoba. When I was living in Juneau I would get so excited about getting to eat in Seattle, Qdoba being one of my favorites.  The food in Juneau sucks, unless you like seafood I suppose. I don’t. Now it ain’t no thing.


Yes that is my foot on the left

I didn’t even eat the shell. And now I will just pretend like I didn’t get a chocolate muffin at Starbucks earlier Smile 

My flight has been delayed half an hour. Hopefully I get to Cali sometime tonight!

I have been in California 13 days this month. This made me realize how much I truly miss the place. When I first moved I never thought I would miss it so much.

Here are some pics from my trips:



I love the Dodgers and got to go to their Opening Series!


I DO NOT miss the traffic Smile 

Unfortunately, I did not do good eating or exercise wise on either trips. Since I usually do not get to venture to So Cal very often the first trip I was gun ho about eating at restaurants I have not been to and about going out – re: drinking – with friends. I anticipated this and when I got back I went right back to eating very well. The second trip was unexpected and ended up being very emotionally exhausting, which manifested itself into lots of emotional eating. This did not get better once I got home. All I have been doing this week is work, sleep, and eat. No fun. Both trips I packed my running shoes and workout clothes and ended up using them once. Which I guess is better than nothing.

Next week I will be in Seattle and will work on doing better.