Dodger Game

July 2, 2011

Last night me and my a friend went to support the Dodgers


They were playing the Angels so we made the drive to Anaheim, not LA and I was having a little bit of stadium envy.



Cool giant hats at the entrance

I have always been a Dodgers fan but Dodgers stadium is such a pain to get to! Plus it is kinda ghetto and old compared to Angels stadium. When I contemplated my move to Angel Fan the Dodgers scored 4 runs within the first half of the game and I remember why I will always be a Dodger fan Smile


The game ended with a Dodger win 5-0 and then fireworks!



Goodbye Idaho

July 1, 2011

I am currently enroute to California and yes I made all of my shit fit in my tiny suitcase.


Goodbye Idaho well technically Spokane since that is where I take off from.


So pretty this time of year

Now, I’m sitting at SEATAC eating dinner. In my attempt to eat healthy I got a delicious salad from Qdoba. When I was living in Juneau I would get so excited about getting to eat in Seattle, Qdoba being one of my favorites.  The food in Juneau sucks, unless you like seafood I suppose. I don’t. Now it ain’t no thing.


Yes that is my foot on the left

I didn’t even eat the shell. And now I will just pretend like I didn’t get a chocolate muffin at Starbucks earlier Smile 

My flight has been delayed half an hour. Hopefully I get to Cali sometime tonight!