Workout Recap

June 21, 2011

6/13: Swim ~1 hr

6/14: Run/ Walk 2 1 m / Weights / Cycle Class

6/15: Swim ~1 hr

6/16: Bike ~10 m / Weights Rest

I took an extra rest day last week because I was feeling exhausted by Thursday and wanted to do nothing except lay in bed and catch up on The Bachelorette J

6/17: Swim ~ 1 hr / Run/Walk 2 m+ 25 min on the elliptical

Something amazing happened on this workout. I went to the gym expecting to walk half a mile warm up, do run 1:30 min / walk 1:00 min intervals for a mile and walk half a mile cool down. This was my expectation because I have not been running in months and have never been able to run very far. Also, on Tuesday I started to attempt to do the same thing but didn’t even run because my feet were bothering me.

Well I walked .40 and started to jog and felt good! I want out of breath and my legs felt strong so I kept going after a 1:30. I ended up running a full mile! and only stopped because my feet were starting to protest. Then I walked .25 of a mile and ran jogged another .25. That’s when the treadmill decided it was time to cool down and get off so I did. Need to actually mess with the settings next time instead of just pressing quick start!

This workout gave me the confidence boost that I have needed.

6/18: Rest Cleaned house – Now that is a workout! haha

6/19: Bike Group ~30 m

This was a tough ride (holy hills!) and sadly my knee really started bothering me by the end of it.I stopped a couple times to stretch and even stopped on the middle of a hill to rest. At one point I thought about walking up the stupid hill but decided it was best to push through it. Probably a bad idea since now my knee hurts when I walk.

I’m going to the bike shop this week to get the fit of my bike analyzed again and look at possibly getting different shoes.

Here is the plan this week, which all depends on how my knee feels:

6/20: Swim ~1 hr

6/21: Run/ Walk 2 m / Weights

6/22: Swim ~1 hr / Easy ~4 m bike

6/23: Bike ~6 m / Weights

6/24: Swim ~ 1 hr / Run/Walk 2 m

6/25: Rest

6/26: Bike Group ~30 m – This ride is supposed to have even more hills than last week!

 I am determined to get in strength training this week as this is probably why I have been having so much troble with my feet and knees.  The reason it has not happened up to this point is because I bought a book that has an entire weight lifiting plan but have not been able to read it yet. Well if I still do not have time this week to read it I will just lift weights on my own. Somrthing is better than nothing right!

In other news…Work, summer school, and working out have been kicking my butt the last month and unfortunately working out comes last on my list of priorities. Obviously blogging comes next…. I’m working on prioritizing my life and hopefully relief will come soon.


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