Back on track…

June 13, 2011

…with a workout recap!  Here is what I had planned for last week and what I actually did:

6/6: Swim ~1 hr Done!

6/7: Run 30 min / Bike ~10 m ~6m

6/8: Swim ~1 hr Done! plus Golf 9 holes

6/9: Run 30 min / Bike ~10 m ~5m

6/10: Swim ~ 1 hr / Bike ~10 m Took an extra rest day, I was tired!

6/11: Rest

6/12: Bike Group ~30 m

My plan for last week was to wake up at 5 am everyday to get my workouts in before work. Well unfortunately jumping into this hour early wakeup call was harder than I thought and it only happened two days last week. This week I hope to make it four. I am currently working full time and taking 2 summer classes so by the time I am off work I jump right into homework, throwing a workout into that mix was stressing me out and ended up falling by the wayside. So waking up in the morning relives some stress and also ensures I do not blow my workout off.

On Wednesday I golfed with a group of coworkers. We walked the course and I carried the golf bag on my shoulder.

The 30 miles on Sunday with my bike group was hard but so worth it! I push myself so much harder when riding with other people as opposed to by myself. This ride also made me realize just how out of shape I am. By the end I was crawling up even the smallest of hills. But it was a gorgeous day out and I am so glad I did it!

Here is the plan for this week:

6/13: Swim ~1 hr

6/14: Run/ Walk 2 m / Weights / Cycle Class

6/15: Swim ~1 hr

6/16: Bike ~10 m / Weights

6/17: Swim ~ 1 hr / Run/Walk 2 m

6/18: Rest

6/19: Bike Group ~30 m

My big goals for this week are: wake up at 5:00 am to get in an hour workout before work 4 days this week. And Run/Walk and lift weights twice this week.


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