Workout Recap

May 22, 2011

Here is what I had planned for this past week, the red indicating what I actually did on some days:

5/16: Swim ~1:20 / Lifeguarding Course

5/17: Bike ~10 m ~8 m

5/18: Lifeguarding Course

5/19: Bike ~5  ~6 m

5/20: Swim ~ 1:20 / Lifeguarding Course

5/21: Bike Group ~7 m

5/22: C25K 1.1 Rest

I am happy with the amount of exercise I got in. The only thing I am disappointed about is not starting the Couch to 5K program on Sunday like I intended. Me and running have a love-hate relationship so this time I planning on taking it really slow, as in slower than what the C25K program has you do. I also think all the cross training I am doing will be beneficial to my attempt at running this time around.

Here is the plan for this week, 5/23:

5/23: C25K 1.1

5/24: Bike ~10 m

5/25: Swim ~1:20

5/26: Bike ~10

5/27: Swim ~ 1:20 / C25K 1.2

5/28: Rest

5/29: Rest

I am planning on resting Saturday and Sunday because it is Memorial Day Weekend and I am going camping with a friend. I will attempt to be active on this trip but I believe more drinking and sitting by the fire (its suppose to rain the whole time) will be done Smile


One Response to “Workout Recap”

  1. drinking by the fire – perfect!

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