Pool Time

May 17, 2011


I went to my Master Swim Team practice this morning at 5 AM and got out of the pool at about 6:15. Here are the sets we did:

1 200 free

1 200 kick (I did 150 free kick and 50 breast stroke kick)

6 50 free

100 easy free

6 50 free with a dive at the 25

6 200 pull <- my shoulders were killing me after the first 2

1 100 cool down

Total Yards: 2400

Not bad for an early morning workout.

Then after work I had my lifeguarding course and we got in the pool from 7:30 to 9:00. Tonight we learned how to rescue a victim with a neck or back injury and how to use the backboard in the water – which is not easy! This class was not as active as last week but still another 1:30 in the water.

I feel good about starting this week off right, tomorrow I plan to ride my bike to work, ~4 miles. It is suppose to be sunny, yay!


2 Responses to “Pool Time”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Hey, I just stumbled across your blog from Beneath It All and noticed you were starting tri training. I’m starting training for my first as well! Are you doing a sprint or an Ironman or half or something else that I don’t know about? Also, what kind of bike did you end up with? What pedals?

    Sorry for a bombardment of questions from a stranger! Good luck with your training! 🙂

    • I am planning to start with a sprint, just to test the water basically and see if it goes well. Then I will move up to an Olympic which is 1 mile swim, 24 bike, 10k run. I don’t think I will be ready for an Ironman or even a half Ironman anytime soon! The brand of my bike is Dawes – I got it from bikesdirect.com for a decent price – definitely way cheaper than anything they sell at the local bike shops and better than a cheap one you can get at a dept. store. Right now I have pedals with cages on them. I plan to get the clip-in ones soon but I’m still too nervous about being attached to my bike and falling over and killing myself, haha

      Good luck with training too! I can’t wait to follow along with another newbie to the sport. We can share experiences!

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