Workout Recap

May 15, 2011

For the Week of 5/9:

What I had Planned:

5/9: Swim ~1:30 / Lifeguarding Course

5/10: 30D Shred / Bike ~4

5/11: Swim ~ 1:30 Lifeguarding Course

5/12: 30D Shred Rest

5/13: Swim ~ 1:30 Lifeguarding Course / Swim 500 yards

5/14: Kickboxing Bike ~5 m

5/15: 30D Shred / Run/Walk 1m Rest

I am taking a lifeguarding certification course and it started this past week and goes through the end of this week. Well I was expecting this course to be mostly book work in a class room and it turns out we are in the water the majority of the time. This ended up being exhausting. The class is 5 hours long, Mon/Wed/Fri and made me exhausted all week. So I ended up not doing exactly what I planned but I still got a good workout in 5 days this week.

Also, I will not be able to go to kickboxing on Saturdays anymore because I will be going to the Bike Group I just signed up for.

Here is my plan for week of 5/16:

5/16: Swim ~1:20 / Lifeguarding Course

5/17: Bike ~10 m

5/18: Lifeguarding Course

5/19: Bike ~5

5/20: Swim ~ 1:20 / Lifeguarding Course

5/21: Bike Group

5/22: C25K 1.1

I start school this week so I am trying to be realistic with what I can accomplish. I might not do everything I want to because of school and the lifeguard course, this is going to be a long week    : /


One Response to “Workout Recap”

  1. Running Girl Says:

    That lifeguarding course sounds like a great workout!

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