I love my Bike!

May 11, 2011


Rode my pink lady to work and back. It was such a beautiful day out I had to ride my bike! My work is only about 1.5 miles from my work so it was not very far but there are some hills that get me breaking a sweat.

I rode back home at lunch so that I could drive to my bike fitting appointment that was right after work. My bike fitting went great. Simon, the guy who helped me, raised the seat probably a good five inches. I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was good where it was and at that point I couldn’t touch the ground, now I really cant touch the ground! He also raised and pushed back the handle bars. I have a really short torso so the handle bars are still kind of far away but it is a lot better. He also changed the pedals to ones with cages, I’m not brave enough to do clips yet! I did buy some cycle shoes though. The number one suggestion of everyone I have talked to told me to get the shoes, I guess they help a lot.


My new cycle shoes

They do not have clips right now but I can add them at anytime. I like them because they are comfortable and almost look like normal hiking shoes. They were a decent price and with the fitting I got an extra 15% off.

Another cool thing about my fitting is that the shop I went to is doing a special promotion right now.  They are putting together a women’s specific cycle clinic to teach the basics of changing gears, mechanics, etc. And we will be going out riding on trails in the area. Sounds perfect for me. The first meeting is Saturday and I cant wait to see what it is all about.

My biggest take away from today: cycling is an expensive hobby! I hopefully wont need to much more stuff.


I have done really good so far this week, I think is has to do with the fact that I have had lots to do and little time to sit at home and do nothing but  think about food.

Tonight I made chicken encrusted with pecans inspired by this post from Running off the Reeses.


It. was. so. good. with sweet potato fries and sugar free ketchup. Made me actually want chicken for dinner!

In the morning I have my masters swim team, then a full day of work, and lifeguarding class right afterwards. Tomorrow is a full day!


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