Week 4 Weigh In

May 6, 2011

Weight as of 5/5: 156

Well the scale is going in the opposite direction that I want it to :/ But given the fact that I have been on vacation pretty much all month I am not surprised. I unrealistically thought I could go out of town and not drink and eat myself silly. This did not happen, case in point:

5.2.11 011

First night in Seattle

5.2.11 032

Second night in Seattle – Best $5 wine ever

And there was a lot more where that came from but that was all I documented.

I have had a rough month but am ready to get back into it and have been doing well this week. Food wise, Monica shared a great acronym the other day: HALT – Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. I am an emotional eater and thinking about this acronym (and maybe even writing it out on the fridge) will help stop my urge to over eat when I am feeling angry, lonely, or tired. Lately I have been lonely after getting home from work and this is when I end up over eating the most often.

Also helpful, having a small – re: less than 100 calorie – treat after dinner. Tonight I had a VitaTop, so good and only 100 calories.



And last night I had 4 yogurt covered almonds. Having something sweet after dinner gives a cue to my body that it is time to stop eating.


Biking ~1 hr.

I rode to work for the first time today and it was not as bad as I envisioned. It required a little more planning and preparing Wednesday night and moving my alarm clock across the room so that I wouldn’t press the snooze button ten times. But I did it and it was trying and cold but like I said not that bad. I then rode the bike shop to get my card stamped for the Commuters Challenge.

Conveniently, the gym I go to is only about a mile up the street from my house and the bike trail across the street leads right to it. So when I was on my way to the bike shop I stopped by the gym really quickly to sign up for 2 things: American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification and a Masters Swim Team. I am really excited for both. My first swim with the masters team is at 5 am tomorrow morning, I hope I don’t sleep in!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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