New Bike

May 5, 2011

I finally got a Bike!

5.2.11 089 5.2.11 090

Isn’t she pretty? And yes it is a girl, she is pink after all. I ordered her from based on a recommendation by my physical therapist.  I had planned on attempting to put her together myself (which most likely would not have gone well) but my PT offered to do that too! I was so grateful for the help! I do plan on going to a bike shop in town to have her professional fitted for me.

I couldn’t help myself though and took her out on a ride today. Smile There is a trail just up the street from my house that is the perfect bike trail, the only downside is I have to cross a major street to get there. It makes me nervous riding a bike around so many cars. I will have to get over that though cause I plan on commuting to work on days it is not pouring down rain. Some of the local bike shops are even having a “Commuters Challenge.” They are giving out free bike swag for every ten times you bike to work and I have all summer to do it. The only down side is the closest shop participating is way out of the way from my commute and you have to bike to the shop to have a card stamped. But this is just more motivation for me to bike! I can’t wait!

With this new addition I also plan to start looking into some triathlons  in the area. I think this will help me immensely to get moving and get my butt into shape!


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