May 3, 2011

Last Wednesday morning afternoon I made the 5 hr-ish trek to Seattle with a friend. I had 4 days of vacation left to use up by today and neither of us have ever had the chance to explore the city (although I almost moved there!), so naturally we hit up a lot of the touristy spots

5.2.11 019

At the Seattle Center

5.2.11 023

5.2.11 045

The Space Needle

5.2.11 052

The View

We wanted to have one fancy dinner while there and decided to do it at the restaurant in the Space Needle. We got dressed up and made it to our reservation early so that we could check out the observation deck. Once seated we took out time and spent about two hours in the restaurant. Besides the view, the food was fantastic (although overpriced.) The next best part were what was left on the wall. The restaurant spins so that you can get a 360 degree view but the outside wall doesn’t. So we saw all kinds of notes and someone even left a pack of gum! It was fun Smile 

5.2.11 069

5.2.11 062

The Aquarium

5.2.11 070

View of the city from our boat tour

We also went to Pike’s Place Market. They sell beautiful flowers all through out Pike’s as well as other farmer Market type things. The coolest part was seeing the first Starbucks! Of course it was packed but we went in really quickly to get a mug. All the merchandise has the original logo on it which is kinda cool. 


Since we were going to The Aquarium first we parked down by the shore and then took an elevator to the market. Well when we got in the elevator there was a man dressed in a suit covered in metallic silver paint with a box that matched. He then proceeded to tell us that this was his elevator, it was made for him and you could tell because it was all silver! haha It was pretty funny, then later we saw him posing for pictures with tourist for money and then it made more sense. And then while walking back to the car saw this guy on the side of a building

5.2.11 078

Wtf is this about? He totally matched the crazy silver guy in the elevator!

I’m going to do another post on shopping cause I got some really cute stuff, man do I miss living closer to a city!


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